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Mobile POS Solution

The challenge that most retailers face today is to efficiently service a highly demanding and informed set of customers. Customers today are generally less inclined to wait at checkout counters, resulting in loss of sales. As a retailer, you need to ensure high degree of customer satisfaction and grab every opportunity to increase revenue through more sales. Mobile Point of Sale solutions (MPOS) are designed to help you do just that! It helps burst long queues, provide more product information and enhance shopping experience for your customers.

MPOS incorporates the power and functionality of a traditional POS workstation into a mobile device that allows you to service customers anywhere at any time. The system consists of a Palm top Mobile Data Terminal (PDA) -the front-end mobile billing station that is wirelessly networked to entire system along with an integrated barcode scanner, and a portable belt mounted receipt printer. It is a GUI based device, which runs on either Palm OS or Windows CE. It also has an integrated Magnetic slot reader for reading credit cards, loyalty cards, employee ID cards etc.The system sits on a wireless LAN infrastructure, comprising of Access Points and antennae, which are in turn connected to the wired LAN through a LAN standard RJ45 connector.

MPOS seamlessly helps in invoice generation at the point of purchase, enabling shorter check-out lines, faster processing and error-free data collection. In turn, giving the buyer more time to shop!

Ensure a hassle free shopping experience for your buyers today!